Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

This time why not opt for some spooky makeup themes for Halloween? The idea is not bad. People have started showing keen interest in paranormal creatures, capturing the hearts of millions. Scary makeup ideas have been inspired from vampire serials, witches, mummies and various forms of shapelift characters. Their extraordinary look inspire human beings and they love to adopt the similar look during the festive season of Halloween. Here I guide you to the scary Halloween makeup ideas for the Halloween party

Best Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

So how to apply scary Halloween makeup? How to apply the diverse scary themes on your Halloween costume and face? Get the tips from the following paragraph. 

Dark Fairy Makeup
Well, the dark fairy is a haunting creature at night, with gruesome look. So how do you emulate her? Cut a black dress that will hang loose. Paint your face white. Apply black makeup to your eyes and your lips dark purple or brick red. Wasn't that easy? I'm sure you will like it. Click this link for more ideas on scary face painting designs.

Evil Witch Makeup
You are very well accustomed with the vintage look of old witches. Sharp nose, dismantled teeth, witchy eyes and wrinkles jaws, wearing a pointed cone cap. To get this makeup, you have to dab on loads of loose foundation on your face. Highlight the jaw lines with dark brown shades. Wear red lipstick and accentuate your eyes with black liner. 

Ice Queen Makeup
The pale white ice queen has damn scary looks, as if the blood has completely frozen. You need to stitch a body hugging gown of pure white color. The makeupwill have white theme. Dust loose compact of white shades on your face. Highlight your eyes with blue and red. Your lips can be blood red or chestnut brown. Imagine how scary will it look!

Vampire Makeup
The most popular is theme of Halloween is the vampire eye makeup. You face must be in contrast with your eyes. Shades of black and blue are opted for the eyes, while the face is highlighted with pale shades of white and yellow. Paint your lips dark red as if blood drenched.

Elvira Makeup
This is one of the unique theme for scary Halloween makeup ideas. Get the look of Alvira or the mistress of the dark by coating your face with porcelain foundation. Create cat eyes by wearing glow in the dark lenses. In this context, read about cat eye makeup. You have to outline your eyes with thick lines of black liner. Spikes eyelashes and blood red features are ideal for creating the fatal feature. Wear a messy long haired wig. 

Gunshot Victim Makeup
One of the ideal scary makeup for ideas for men is the gunshot victim. You have to wear rugged clothes with punctures the. Apply a normal base makeup on the face and then highlight the with red to create so called bruises. Create the fake look by painting with red face paints. This will make you look exactly like a gunshot victim. 

Mummy Makeup
Looking like a mummy is a bit time consuming, although a good scary makeup idea for Halloween, especially for kids. Wrap yourself with tissue rolls and bandages and then apply the makeup at the last. You will require three shades, white, red and black for base makeup, lips and eyes respectively. This completes the mummified look. 

Corpse Makeup
Looking like a corpse with bleeding eyes will be intense scary. So who do you look like a murdered corpse or an encountered dead? Simple, wear clothes that will make you look rough and dead, covered with white stoles. Now apply earth tones on your face to look like a deceased corpse. Stretch the black eye lines from the eyes down to your upper cheek, resembling black tear drops.

Shapelift Makeup
Fiction tales have shapelift characters and I'm sure you know their look very closely. However, to look like shapelifting animal you will require scary Halloween masks, attires, nails and claws. Paint your face with tones of animals. You can add stripes to your face to accentuate the scary appeal. Now wear on the mask and scare everyone. 

I hope you have liked the scary Halloween makeup ideas written in the aforementioned content. Improvise your looks and experiment with your makeup. You can also dress up like a killer zombie, demon or devils. I'm sure you will come up with a lot more unique types of scary features.